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Your van - will it qualify for short term insurance?

Aside from weight and seat restrictions, insurers also restrict the vans they cover in other ways. Their goal is to limit the likelihood of a claim, so they often restrict the use of vans, the places to which vans may travel, or the contents vans may carry.

Use of Vans

Insurers require that motorists indicate the use of the van on the application, usually one of several classes of use. The primary class of use is social, domestic, and pleasure – basically, for personal use. Some policies also add commuting for those motorists who will drive the van to and from work. It's especially important for businesses purchasing temporary cover to ensure that their business use is included. Insurers will not cover vans for hire, for example. For individuals like plumbers or cleaners, there is often a class of use that includes cover for the transportation of their tools of business, sometimes called carriage of own goods. Delivery drivers would need cover for 'carriage of goods for hire and reward.' But businesses should take care because policies may not provide any cover for the contents of the van, so another policy may be necessary.

Location of Vans

Insurers do account for where vans are stored and registered and for where vans are driven. Many require that vans principally be used in the UK, registered in the UK, and stored in the UK. They also deem cover void if motorists drive vans to certain excluded areas or transport excluded goods. For example, the policy may exclude cover if a van has been driven at a rally, on a racetrack, in a competition, or on a circuit, among many others. Use at airfields is often explicitly prohibited. The policy may also exclude cover if the van has been used to transport hazardous or radioactive materials. All of these restrictions are listed in the policy documents, so motorists must read them and comply with the dictates.

Insurers often refuse short term cover for vans that are hired or leased, so motorists hiring a van may want to review frequently asked questions (FAQ) before requesting a quote.

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