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Online Short Term Cover

Short term cover used to be considerably more difficult to obtain. Thanks to the Internet, motorists may now apply for and purchase cover simply and quickly. This is especially useful for last-minute purchases – to quickly cover someone due to unforeseen circumstances, to ensure motorists going on a road trip have the needed cover in case someone forgot, among many other reasons. For whatever purpose, online insurers allow motorists to get cover on their terms and at their convenience.

Purchasing Short Term Van Cover

Online insurers offer short term van cover through their websites. Purchasing online is extremely efficient; the website is available whenever the motorist is. Online insurers often don't have a telephone option, so motorists may not call for quotes. All transactions are done on the website and through e-mail. Motorists can get quotes, purchase cover, and may often download and print their policy documents so that cover can begin right away. The quote procedure is quite simple, though actually purchasing cover may require more detailed information such as van registration numbers and the like. Motorists may pay for the cover with their credit or debit cards.

Modifying the Policy

Sometimes motorists' plans may change and they might need to alter the details over cover – the days needed, the specific van, and so on. Unfortunately, because short term policies are limited in duration, they often cannot be modified or edited. Policies are not transferrable, so motorists can't designate another van or driver. They can't change dates, either. If any of the details change, motorists would need to cancel the policy and apply for a new one.

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