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Short Term Cover / Temporary Cover

Short term/temporary van or car insurance lasts between 1 and 28 days. The law requires that every motorist have at least third party cover in order to drive on public roads. For those motorists who need to drive a van for a short period of time, temporary or short term cover allows them to drive a van that they don't own in compliance with the law.

Temporary Cover

Although temporary cover may be purchased for 1 day or up to 28 days, some insurers allow that term to be extended by another 28 days, though some require a 15-day waiting period for the same motorist being covered to drive the same van. Temporary cover is ideal for motorists who just need to borrow a van to move house or for those going on a two-week vacation with a group of friends. Some insurers allow a primary driver and an additional driver to be designated on the policy. Cover is paid by the day, usually by credit or debit card. Businesses may also purchase temporary cover for drivers of their vans whom they don't want to add to their insurance policy. Business owners must check the policies of insurers, however; temporary cover often limits the types of business uses that they'll cover.


Drivers should be aged between 19 and 75, and have either a full licence that has been held for over a year, or a provisional licence (yes, learners can buy short term insurance too!). UK and EU driving licences are accepted by most insurers and some will also include those issued in South Africa, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Zimbabwe too.

Short term/temporary cover does not replace one's annual insurance. It often can't serve the same function as annual insurance. This type of cover is meant as a supplement to annual insurance for circumstances where motorists drive a car or van that is not their own, or one that they just wish to insure temporarily.

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